Delivering first-class civil engineering services within commercial construction.

Every construction project needs to follow a detailed and precise timeline. We work closely alongside our client in a methodical way, ensuring deadlines are not missed. Each project is managed by an experienced and well communicated leader.

Stringfellows proudly offers the experience of three generations of civil engineers, along with the latest solutions, equipment, and methods put into practice.

Our work is delivered with health and safety at the forefront, with regular training for our team, toolbox talks, and each Stringfellow team member committed to the procedures.

Whether small- or large-scale, our expert team provides the problem-solving, innovation, and commitment required to secure the best results for you every single time.

With a strong background working in excavations, drainage, concreting, landscaping, surveying, and a host of other services, our technical expertise and diligence mean you can be confident that we are the right partner for you.

Our service is tailored to your needs, so you can be sure your project goes exactly the way you want it to. Above all, we are committed to excellence.

Our civil engineering services include, but are not limited to:

Our highly skilled team is passionate about providing great results – regardless of the nature or size of a project. We are always ready for a challenge, taking on the complex work just as readily and enthusiastically as the more standard engineering tasks.

Across everything we do, we are a professional team you can trust. We work closely alongside you to plan and execute the essential tasks needed to keep your commercial projects on track and exceeding expectations.